LF Tom Kuhn No Jives

I’m looking for some wooden Tom Kuhn No Jive throws including:

  • Celtic No-Jive
  • Nordik No-Jive
  • Batik No-Jive
  • Quatle No-Jive
  • Play Simply No-Jive
  • Solid color No-Jive
  • Clean Machine No-Jive
  • Mandala 6 & 6.1 No-Jive
  • No-Jive Junior
  • Big Yo No Jive

Non No Jive throws I’m interested in:

  • Rainbow laminate No-Jive
  • Rainbow laminate RD-2
  • Rainbow laminate Sleep Machine
  • TK 60 - any color

Interested in buying or trading - let me know what you’re interested in.

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If you own any of these, I’m interested.

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