LF MIB Sakura SE or Cafe Racer as a gift. Please help

Paypal ready, please help.

Mint Cherry Blossom one selling for $80 shipped(I would talk him down to 70)

Thank you but its marked as sold.

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Dood. It’s clearly gone. I stated that. Also it’s not cherry blossom it’s called “broken hearts” colorway. We were talking about that. Stop demanding ■■■■ and saying lower your prices and blowing up my messenger/forum/comments on both as well. I don’t wanna help you out with the phone stop tagging me in stuff you are the like worst bot I cannot get off my back man… Leave me the ■■■■ alone! To anyone seeing this out of context I’m talking setting my phone down to cook breakfast pick it up while eating and 22 messages… Set my phone down for 10 mins go to check and there is 12 messages tagging me, demanding that I help him because it would help him…he needed a phone he wanted to trade throws for it. He offered a square wheels Rockefeller he then wanted me to throw in a yyf because his yoyo was worth atleast 15 more than what the phone goes for even tho I paid 75(which was the difference anyway so it was even, even though I thought that was kinda the deal, dood needing help willing to trade a yoyo). He would only go by the fact that they go for 60. I told him I don’t buy yyf then he told me the yyf’s he’d prefer like a mvp3 because he wants to try it out. I don’t want to deal with him and have said it to many times now. Also I was attempting to helping him on Facebook then he saw a yoyo of mine on here and without even seeing a name just blew me up on here and in comments again demanding I help him because it would save his ■■■. Leave me alone JezusMclovin


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