LF: Metal Milk

2018 eh in ash (1 scuff area, screw driver wear on one of the nuts, 1 small chip on the rim, and a small mark on the rim) $55 (sold)

Pop art that is like new no noticable damage but nmtbs $55

Sk8r large bearing no damage but it does have machine marks $40 (sold)

Back Masked Cadence $60 (sold)

Playmaxx nucleus a couple of small pin pricks and scratches $250

Prices are shipped with PayPal fees

I also have cash for a metal milk and other trades like an anglam, tishee, galaxy diver, pom draupnir, yweti, and an og yeti

Metal milk picture for reference


How on earth did you get the BMC so fast ?! Already don’t like it?

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The guy who runs zipline strings is about 30min away from my house.

Undecided if I like it or not. It plays nice but somehow feels a little undersized and a tad bit too heavy. I haven’t really tried any SF throws before and just wanted to give this a try.


Weren’t all 2019 eh done in spectraply? I.e. not solid wood?

Yup, almost certain that’s a 20-eh-teen

My bad I thought the Spectraply and the ash/maple came out in 2019.

It’s definitely a 2018 EH. The first run were solid wood. The second run was spectraply and slightly smaller.



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Tihawk found thanks @_void and @griffin


Bump still on the hunt for a metal milk

Can offer you milk 2% or heavy cream

Thanks for the offer but I’m just looking for a metal milk. I already have an og milk.

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