LF: Magicyoyo N12 Shark Christmas Edition

I really want one of these things!

Anyone have one of these guys? Willing to sell it?

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holy crud that’s amazing. Where are all these colorways and special event engravings I’ve never heard of coming from?


haha yeah, I love this thing. Super sad that they can’t be found anywhere anymore.
Not sure what year they came out.

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Dude I have one Ill trade you, but its…



Thanks a lot for the offer :slight_smile: …gonna try to track one down in as good of condition as I can though. I want it more for display than for play.

Oh! There was actually a promotion going on for these a couple months ago where they included one of these with any purchase of a magicyoyo product. Due to that I have like 4 of these just sitting around at home. I’d be happy to sell you one for super cheap (like 5$+shipping). I can send you one of the unopened ones so it’ll be brand new.


Omgosh dude…that would be so amazing of you!
This might seem a bit silly…but this yo is towards the very top of my wish list haha. Has been since I saw a random image of it. I love christmas…don’t tell anyone, but I still have some of my christmas decorations up hehe.
This is one of the coolest yos I’ve seen. The fact that the n12 shark is actually a nice playing throw is a pretty sweet bonus.

How about $15 shipped? I am paypal ready…this is SO cool of you!


Just as an update…
@skarlath60 sent one of these guys out to me, brand new in the box…right away! SUPER grateful! Really is one of my favorite looking yo-yos of all time…and I’m thrilled to have gotten one for such a great price!


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