LF: Go Big, Avalanche, Loop 900s and Equinox

offers for other yoyos will be ignored.
Go big red, pink, swagger, or white
Avalanche fg is ok
Loop 900 shaquler or USA made only

What I have (note: I have others, but at their at my dads and I don’t know all of them and don’t have pics. So just ask and I’ll try to provide a list and descriptions)
Wooly Markmont-mint. Great throw. $90-120 or trade

Supernova-USA made, blue/yellow acid wash with silver splash. Near mint. Trade only

Go Big-blue. regular 4a marks. Great player. Trade for other 4a yoyo only.

Sunsets-yellow. Mint. Trade for loop 900 pair or unleashed pair only

Thanks guys

would you trade grind machine and popstar for northstar

@yousef sorry its gone.

I’ll pay you 15 $ for that really beat up boss

Wanna give me a number to work with so I can offer on wooly markmont?

Free bump…thats my old chief.miss that guy… :’(