LF - G-Squared Nessie, CLYW - Has $$ and Yoyo's

Mainly looking to trade this for other metals/well playing beaters and plastics. Also as deal sweeteners in combination w/ cash for my wants list.

SHE Spyder - Friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to walk to dog with it and try to quickstart it using his foot . - . Has a vibe, mostly due to the bearing, but I don’t have a D sized bearing to replace it. Scuffs all along rims, most don’t fully break the anno.


Want List
G-Squared Nessie
CLYW in order of want - Chief, Artic Circle, Avalanche –

PM me and see if we can work something out ~ =)

Nessie, where art thou?
Will I have to be ye from the YYE store?
I’m a sucker for yoyo’s named after aquatic creatures.

Also - Bump of the day.