LF/FT: YYF Frantic. FT: X-Convict, Beefcaked Duncan, One Drop, YYF

I am looking to get my hands on a YYF Frantic in good to mint condition preferably gold or some color other than blue.

What I have to offer:

Beefcaked Mosquto (plays surprisingly well)
XConvict with Silicone and custom caps (Plays smooth with no vibe or wobble. I have taken really good care of it
YYF Velocity (with both the rubber and plastic caps)
One Drop Project 2 (some vibe but it might be my throw also some dinks and scratches)

Pictures available on request. Also, I will sell any of them. If you are interested in these for something other than a YYF Frantic let me know

Watch my Speaker Freaker feed off my stimuli

do u want mint lunatic for prodject 2 lunatic black red splash

Why do you have 2 BST’s?