LF: Duncan Freehand NextGen 90th Anniversary Glow Edition

Hello, I am looking to find a good condition 90th anniversary Freehand NextGen glow in the dark yoyo. I have a glow in the dark Big Fun but missed out on the NextGen and i prefer the feel and size of it over the Big Fun.

Looking to buy if you have one. Let me know where you’re at on the price.

I also have a few things i’d be willing to trade :
Tom Kuhn Roller Woody in box (one slight scuff on the gloss layer, still very nice)
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3 in 1 Mandala (sides have never been rotated)
Duncan Strix (red, very smooth)

I know a lot of people didn’t like the NextGen but i love it and when tuned up I think it’s a great throw. If anyone has the glow model I’d love to have one for nighttime sessions. Thanks for you’re time.


Remind me in two weeks, I think I have one. just pay for shipping.


Wow, that would be amazing. It’s incredibly kind and cool of you. Thank you.

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Found it, but not in package.


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