LF DM2 Caps...

I am looking for some clear DM2 caps, OR if someone has some OG DM Caps that are not colored to match the yo-yo they came with (i.e. Clear) the reasoning in case anyone absolutely needs to know (:P) is my wife has a Pink body Black anodized rimmed DM but we only have the National Master Caps, we want something to show the pink of the body through the caps with the DM symbol. So if anyone can help me with this I would be willing to trade either the National Master caps or some string or a SPEC Bearing “C” Size or a Mosquito Bearing stock. PM Me or Reply.

Not sure if this will work

Thats YYJ’s customer service.
if you haven’t already tried, shoot them an email and ask for some caps :slight_smile:
Oh and free bump haha.

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All you did was reply, you don’t always need to say free bump you know.

i know how to make it all away clear just tape the symbol until it s all gone there clear claps and remember do it on the side that doesnt feel flat

Yes but I basically gave him a free bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, OK, whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: