LF CLYW Peak, Wooly, Ti peak

Greetings all,
I currently have a Peak 2 and a Wooly 2. I would. Really like round out this collection with any peak related items. Peak1 wooly1 ti peak etc. Also i have been cobsidering a Manatee. If you’re considering letting any of these go I will pay good money if they’re in good shape.



Do you have a clyw bvm?

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I do not. Any good?

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Was asking as I have a wooly. Pretty fun though, old feeling

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Ya. The wooly 2 plays “old” too. Thats one of the things i like about them. That and i love the way they look.

Yeah when I play with my wooly marmot it feels really old, but it’s not really for me.

Would you be willing to sell it then?

It’s has some scratches so I don’t know if that’s what you want, but if you are let me know

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Hmm. Could you send me a pic?

image image image has some “dings that break ano”
I say dings because you really can’t feel them
Orange with blue speckle
And blue with orange speckle
Drawing of the art that I drew as there is no box
Although it has “dings” it’s my smoothest yo-yo I have. 10/10


Nice. Ya i was hoping for something a little more mint with the box. Let me think about it


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