LF: CLYW Fool's Gold or YYF B Grades

Hey everyone. Just changing things up a little bit. I am now very interested in CLYW Fool’s Gold yoyos. Specifically Peaks, Avalanches, or Gnarwhals. I would also be interested in these above yoyos that aren’t in necessarily mint condition but are still smooth playing.

I am also still interested in a few YYF B-Grades. If you have a Superstar, Severe, Rockstar, or Supernova. Let me know.

If anyone would like to sell one of these please PM me with the details, price they want and the condition of the yoyo. If you have a photo of the yoyo that would be a plus. Thanks in advance.

^ Any other Offers out there?

Gotten a Couple of Good Offers. Are there Any B Grade Superstars out there?


i PM’ed u. just waiting for a response

I never received that PM that you said you sent me.

Have gotten offers for all but Superstars. Have they not made any B Grade Superstars? Still taking more offers.