LF: B/R/G Draupnir, Lev 4, Lev 4 light, Schneider, Anglam, BF Sleipnir, TiWalker

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I have some money to burn, and I’m looking for the following yo-yos (MUST BE MINT):

sOMEThING Anglam (pink/black only)
Sturm Panzer Schneider A grade (especially LM-Schneider)
YYR Draupnir (BLUE strongly preferred, then red, then gold)
YYR Sleipnir (Benson Fok only)
Turning Point Leviathan 4 (prefer purple or purple/x acid)
Turning Point Leviathan 4 Light (prefer purple or purple/x acid)
Turning Point Isotope 3 Proto (not raw)
Turning Point Palpitation (purple/pink acid only)
VsNewton TiWalker

I will pay above retail for a Schneider, LM-Schneider, blue Draupnir, pink/black Anglam, and Benson Fok Sleipnir. I’ll pay retail, possibly above retail, for good Leviathan 4 and Leviathan 4 Light colorways. For the rest I’ll pay around retail or slightly less.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any of these and are willing to sell. I will make it worth your while.

Also on the blue Draupnir I can get a 1st gen black Draupnir and trade it if you want.