LF Draupnir and Positron ,Firmy for M.L.B I have YYA,YYR,TP,YYF and $$$

LF Draupnir the most
Also Positron,but for this I don’t include my MR Butcher-if its trade

I have Mr Butcher-mint,box,no vibe,gold colour

TP Leviathan 2,one little scratch(on wooden floor),MK end. Dark red colour

Yoyoapartment 1937v2-Raw,no damage,need polish inside rims(don’t get much attention anymore),no vibe,with IrPads

Yoyofactory Northstar - mint,green,no box

Mercuryyoyo-UFO-its copy of Leviathan 2,but for me its more like 3rd one…Light pink,mint,box,no vibe

For pictures please send me request,thanks