A bunch of stuff FS/FT (Anglam 7075, YYR YYJk etc) LF- Schneider LM or Mk II.

WTB Schneider-LM

I will trade in your favor for a MIB Schneider LM. Very much so in fact.

7075 Anglam, MIB - $180

YYR Stargeyser, MIB - $135

Whimsy, Flocked Joker, MIB - $85

B!ST B-rush nearish mint, one small ano breaking flat spot on each rim - $50

YYO Eager, mint $50

YYJoker Eternity, Special edition MIB x2 $85 each

Please PM me. I thank you.


And ill throw in a leather yoyo holster. that is 25 bucks on here !! from yye ,

can i buy the jet set ec ?

I am interested in the B!st