LF: atmos Ari. Fs: one drop, smashing gruntbull swirl ano, etc

LF: Atmos Ari (not aria). Have cash or trades (others that aren’t listed as well)

For sale
USA only
No trades besides very specific things listed at bottom of post
Shipping included in price
Bundle pricing $99 for the lot of 3

  • unspoken paradox $23 (some small dings)
  • smashing crucible custom gruntbull ano $70 (some marks under ano) includes box
  • one drop panorama $42
detail photos


Only trade interest is yyfr/puckett alliance, atmos Ari (have additional cash, Moonrock hummingbird, etc)
Or following side effects:
Aluminum mini disc
Aluminum disc
Aluminum code 1
Brass code 1
Brass dome
Brass spike
Brass flat cap
Brass Lego


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Yo! I’m after those brass code 1s. Maybe all the brass.

Will pm you soon

That’s on my trade interests list, as in stuff I am looking for

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Got ya. I misread.

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Oo those Core Co pads are a rare commodity.

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