FS: Lots! CLYW, YYF, YYR, Assorted Plastics and 4A Throws.


Row 1: Blue with gold splash HOT, Red Czechmate, Soda Blasted Chief, Ninja Hurdles Cliff

Row 2: Camp Caribou BvM2, Red B-Grade Overdrive, FG Bearing Gull Peak [GONE], 7075 Hulk Smash Chief[GONE]

Row 3: Pink and Aqua Proton, Modded Butterfly (has A bearing and silicone), Alpha Crash, PGM, PSG

Row 4: Equinox (?), Solar, Fiesta XX, Go Big

For sale only. Paypal only. Not interested in shipping a cheap plastic by itself, but add $5 to any other yoyo and I’ll throw it in the box (exception is the Modded Butterfly). Everything is either mint or near mint, inquire for specifics since there’s a lot here.

Only trade interests are: Puffin 2 and Draupnir.