LF: Anti-Yo, G2, Oxygene, VsNYYC, YYWS, ILYY

Hey, everyone! So, it’s been exactly one year since I created this post, and I’ve been unable to locate a few of the yoyos on my list. I’m going to break one of my own rules and add prices to some of these. Before I do so, however, I’d like to point out that my prices don’t reflect the actual value of these yoyos. No one should use this post as a reference when pricing their collection. The reason I’ve avoided doing this for so long is because people tend to look at one post or one Ebay listing and think that it reflects the way that the market works.

I’m adding a list bellow, and I’ll update it if/once something is found. Mint or near mint condition is preferable, but if it’s an extremely rare piece, a bit of damage might be okay. Vibe is irrelevant.

A-RT: 420 (Regular version) in any colorway other than green.

Anti-Yo: The End $1000, Dri YWET $600, SLCK YWET $600.

G2: Mailday Banshee $1200, Mailday Life, Unicorn Wolf $1200, Rainicorn Banshee $2000, Rainicorn Wolf $1500, Kaleidoscope Banshee.

Monkeyfinger: PixelApe, ApeX depending on colorway, Tri-B Evil Yo, OG Gelada anything in the White Caps colorway.

B!st: Competizione Super Evo & Super Evo II.

Oxygene: Oxygene 5 in the fire & water element colorways $400 for either one, Oxygene 2 , Oxygene 1.

VsNYYC: SADR $200.

Yoyo Workshop: Seamonkey (VonBoon) OG Capstan (VonBoon) $200.

Mowl: Surveil (Ukraine Edition with silver rims).

ILYY: 2WEI, 3145, Verve, Josy-Ann, Trvth. $150 for either one of these


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