LF an Overhaul, got lots of stuff to trade.

YYF “Yuuksta” mint - $55

RecRev “SCLB” mint - Offer, no idea what it’s worth, was a prototype.

ICKYO “Agape” mint - $60

SPYY “Pistolero” B-grade 2nd run mint - $60

CLYW “BVM” Ogopogo mint - $80

Duncan “Mayhem” a few marks here and there - $50

The “Twins”

SPYY “Radian MKII”
Blue Radian - $70
Black Radian - $80

-Paypal Only
-The only one I won’t trade for the Overhaul is the BVM unless you add something
-Once I get an Overhaul, this thread is DONE. This is the only reason I made the thread anyway.

-Difeyo Overhaul
-Hubstacked Genesis
-Project 2
-New Dark Magic
-Random pretty crap

PM me, worst I can say is no.
I’m open to multiple yo-yo deals, 2 for 1’s, either on my end or yours.
Go for it.

If you feel iffy about my feedback, I’ve got tons on other forums and I’m good friends with Icthus here, he’'ll vouge for me.

Have a special edition hubsyacked genesis