LF: 888s


Hey guys. Looking for 888s. NO 888x’s. No need for rares. Looking for SB if possible. Near mint - mint condition. Thanks!


BUMP. Anybody out there? It just occurred to me, these throws are 7 years old. And I am old… :o


What’s the interest in a 2009 model? mines an OCT 2010 but I wouldn’t know the difference.


2009 models had more rim weight. Also, they were made in the USA. I have 07, 08, 10, and 11 models. 09 is the only one I don’t currently have.


i have a near mint 888, 1 small scratch and one other blemish - pretty nice tho
shoot me a pm


I have an 888 with the bright green splash and black edition. Message me for some pics!!!


i have a red DV888 if you are interested in picking up PM me


Sorry not interested in DV888s. Only 888s.

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