LF: 1 size A bearing, 1 size C bearing, CafeRacer (no solid colors) FS: plastics


read title.

i have:
modfather looper- half red half white, wooden response (pm me for pic)
YYJ Aquarius- 4a marks
FHZ- mint except for scratch/carck on caps, red w/ blue caps
YYJ speedmaker- some scratches, shaved o-ring
YYJ journey- siliconed (2 sides), beefcaked (Dry rusty baering and the small bearing that comes with a DMII), some scratches, plays better than new, offer good or i’ll keep it.
Yomega HotShot- some scratches, add 3.50 if you want both sides sili’s or $2 for one side

pm me for individual prices.
All for 60$ or a special edition CafeRacer (anything but solid color really)

size A bearing
Size C bearing

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