LF: 07/08 YYF 888 or Skyline

Hello all,
I’m trying to find an 07/08 YYF 888, any will do just as long as it isn’t highwalled. Well, just offer anyways and we’ll go from there. I will make payment via paypal, or if you’re interested I have a pair of oakley sunglasses to trade as well. They are flak jackets with the solFX transition lenses, I don’t have pics at the moment but give me a bit and I can get them up.
Have a great day everyone!

Is a 07/08 888 a special kind or something?

Not “special” so to speak. But rather, I prefer the play and size (I feel they changed a little in the newer ones idk) of the older versions. Maybe it’s a personal thing, but they play wayyy better in my opinion

Well I have a B Grade 888 from 2008 but it is small. Is that the size difference?