Letter to my CUT

(JonasK) #1

Hi. You might have noticed that you’re not alone on my desk anymore, and that the time you spend in my pocket has been somewhat reduce. I just want you to know that you are by no means replaced, just temporarily suspended as my go-to throw while I get used to the new one. And don’t feel intimidated by the nickel plating, remember that you have an incredibly cool shape and a serial number, the other throw doesn’t have that. You will probably find your way back to my pocket soon.


It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing showing thoughtfulness and sensitivity to your throw this way. It would have been so easy to just continue to spend most of your time with the new one and give little thought to how your CUT felt about the matter. But no, you went to the yo-yo and assured him that very soon he’ll have his spot in your pocket back. You’re a good man JonasK.

(I guess I just made the assumption your CUT is a guy. Given the assumed jealous temperament perhaps it would be a more logical conclusion that it’s female.)

(Waylon) #3

In that case, Jonas, you may as well get ready for the old silent treatment, loose silicone, sticky bearings, bruised knuckles, and broken strings. Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned yoyo.


You see, there again it sounds to me as if you believe the CUT is a girl.

(BYW, what is a “CUT”? Is it like a SCRATCH, but with a better bearing? I had a cut a couple weeks ago. Squeezed on some Neosporin and slapped on a Band-Aid and it got better.)


The HSpin Cut is a yoyo.


The Cut is a yo-yo…that much I had already deduced. ::slight_smile: I just didn’t know who made it.

HSpin, now I can look it up and see what it looks like. If it real good lookin’ Jonas won’t have to worry about her getting too lonely, somebody will pick her up.

(Waylon) #7

It’s a lovely yoyo. I’d love to have one but I don’t think any retailers have any left.

(JonasK) #8

Yeah the yoyo is a couple of years old. It was never really produced in any great mass. Especially not the anodized ones.

(Waylon) #9

I remember the ones with the sheet music engraving. Those were super nice. I’d kick a puppy to have one.


You’d kick a puppy? Quitting smoking can really make a guy testy can’t it.

I’d like to see one of those sheet music yoyos. That sounds pretty cool.

(Waylon) #11

The quitting doesn’t start until tonight. Tell me you wouldn’t at least give a puppy a good nudge with your boot to get your hands on one :wink:


WOW! That thing is really cool looking. Yeah, I’m afraid I would be tempted to give the neighbor’s puppy a healthy nudge with the toe of my sneaker to have one. (but it would have to be my neighbor’s dog, I could never give my own pets a reason to say I’m a meanie.)


Where did you find the top picture? I haven’t seen those editions in a looong time.

(Waylon) #14

I just googled it and clicked on images.