Lets make this right - Operation Green Triangle #OGTyoyo


Looks like I’ll be buying a few more throws…

But, suggestion, if I might:

I think that the one major drawback to doing it this way, without a central organizer to post the throws, is that you never really know when or what is going to be posted or if it will be posted in the correct way such that it can be found. It’s all just kind of out there and a lot might be missed. There’s no “momentum” pushing the thing in one, easy to digest direction.

Solution: It would be awesome if there were a sticky, or a site, blog, or just some place where people can post the links to their ad (and nothing else, no commentary or posting). This way I can just pop in there and see all the charity throws that are up, but every person is still in charge of their own ad.

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(Chris Allen) #22

I think this is what you are looking for


currently looking through my collection to donate … will have update soon!

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That’s pretty good. Just thought it might be even easier to keep up with if people posted their own info in a dedicated space so it could all be tracked as it happens. This thread may get a little messy in the coming weeks. Still, this should work for now.

I’d also like to see it directly linked everywhere possible, if allowed by this forum and others.

(Chris Allen) #25

We have another thread being opened soon by JRod


Glad to see we’re banding together to try to make something positive out of this horrid debacle. Looking through my collection now to decide what to offload.


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Here it is: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,49524.0.html

And here’s one for screenshots of cash donations: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,49527.0.html


I don’t have much a collection that people may want, but I am going to bid on the pair of Raiders to help with the cause. Thank you very much, Chris for doing this.

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I have never sold anything on ebay before lol here is a first … for Charity :


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I’ve listed my Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2 with all proceeds going to the CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation because I just have a soft spot for kids.




Halfway thought this was a Green Triangle Project post when I first saw it, lol.


I need to pick out a yoyo.
Never used Ebay for donating/selling. I’ve only made purchases. Should be intetesting.
I’ll get to it tomorrow. It’s late and sunlight works best for pics.


Nothing too tricky with selling on eBay. They take you through it step by step. It’s just like filling out any other online form.


(Chris Allen) #34

its super easy.  http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=11931 for a step by step


I just want to say that I’m so proud of this community that I’m tearing up right now. My wife is looking at me all weird.


Ok… I have been known over the years, to write some pretty long winded posts about this or that.

I started giving verbal presentations waaay back in High School. A Teacher told the class, one day,’ I will give an ‘A’ for the day to anybody that will step up to the front of the class and talk about anything subject related(History) for 20 minutes’. < I was the guy that sat in the back of the class and pretty much Never brought a book or pen or pencil or Homework assignments with me; haha.

I stepped right up and talked about Columbus, until people actually thought the Mayflower was docked outside. I got an A for the day and never looked back.

I have given presentations on various subjects for the past 40+ years.

I actually took typing in School and can type pretty much as fast as I can talk. My ‘Rant-abilities’ most likely revolve from my decades of life-experiences/thinking out loud/and ability to transfer my opinions through the keyboard with a Quickness. My view below is drawn from a Half Century or dealing with Low Lifes, sneak thieves and liars.

I gave you alittle insight(above), so you might better reason with what I am about to tell you guys.

When I heard about what Heath had done, I was extremely unhappy and that is an understatement. I was wound up like a Clockspring. My eyes felt like hot marbles. I was gritting my teeth. I would love to have challenged Heath a game of ‘Knock my Block off’. The Primitive part of me wanted him to experience some major Pain to give him more depth in understanding the gravity of the situation he created.

I had the pleasure of chatting with a Felony Court Judge, some years ago. He mentioned to me that some of the Smartest people he had ever met; he met in his Courtroom. And he told me some of those ‘gentlemen’ actually got to furthur their Education from inside the Prison Library. He told me that most people are basically honest, but that they convince themselves small sneaky stuff is actually not really harmful. But sadly, as often as not, these folks usually think they are just smart enough to pull stuff and not have to deal with the ‘Penalty’ of their ways.

I am not a Mind reader, so I cannot tell you what the heck Heath was thinking that allowed him to conclude he could spend the Charity money and not have to eventually Own up to it???

I guess he thought the ‘You play, You pay’ did not apply to him.

Now he is in a deep puddle of nothing good. What he did Stinks. And even if he can find a way to Totally step out of the Puddle; he is still gonna stink.

I also cannot draw a conclusion about whether he finally fessed up because he: figured out he Screwed up in a Major way and feels bad about it, or he realized he can actually end up in JAIL for Misappropriating Charity funds. Based on the amount it would constitute Fraud at a Felony level?

Regardless, whether it was simple Greed or personal money shortages or just no pocket money is unknown?

No matter. Even a 5 year old has a pretty good grasp on right from wrong. Even if he pays up the other 3 grand; he still can be Busted for what he did.

Chris and the guys are on the field and want to give us all something to Cheer about.

One of the reasons Chris got into this was simple. He thinks Projects with good intentions should be Completed. He thinks people should at the very least, make an Honest effort to follow through with their Mission statement.

Heath Dropped the Ball… and Chris and Jason(and a few others)have picked up the ball and are just moving it down the field and through the uprights. They are converting their disgust into Positive energy, to complete what Heath had originally intended…

Thatchmaster stated, ‘You really have to look at it from the point of view of someone outside our yoyo community I suppose.’ < Which in this instance is very incorrect, because this is not being handled outside the Yoyo community. This fundraiser is taking place in house, so to speak. We don’t have to worry about what level of reactivity is being utilized to stimulate this Renewed Effort.

This is a Full disclosure operation with Zero Fund Misappropriation risk.

When something bad goes down, you either: sit on the sidelines and talk about it or you get in the Game and do something about it.

Don’t overthink what/why they are doing ‘it’. Heath left his fundraiser on the Negative side of the Number line. Now the Focus is moving the project to the Positive side of the Number line.

I for one applaud their initiative and you should too.


Well said, yoyodoc. You do indeed have a way with words. tips hat



Is a buy it now okay?

Most that I have seen have been auctions.


They need to be auctions because we want to see how much the charity can earn.


Operation Green Triangle… love it!

This doesn’t exactly give resolution to the vsN issues, but, I’m very happy to see the community come together like this.

I am planning on listing Ti-Walker #29 up for sale on Ebay today. I set up an auction in the b/s/t section of the forum (with proceeds benefitting ACS), but thought it would be more effective to join in on Operation GT… just waiting for the OK from the current high bidder.

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