Lets find the best signature!!

Comment to enter, here’s my entry:

My entry is in my current sig. What is the point of this, if I may inquire?

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because mine is made my jamesmay, its awesome!

Mine is so undeniably awesome.

You guys just got them chill the crap out


Mine is the best.

watch me lose.

Go home. I win!

Thanks Jrod! ;D

Either way I still win. :wink:

my is the sig i have now

Looks like a JamesMay sig show-off thread.

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Mind >… blown <

Bah humbug.

I think Pat Condon has the coolest sig on any forum ever. Contest over.



Ive seen a couple funny ones but whats your guys favorites?

The ones JamesMay makes (mine is an example)

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James is on a roll. here is one of his works!!

I love mine, take notice on the belt!

I win!!!

Lies! Just look at mine :wink: