"Best Signature" Award goes to: SkyHighYo

(SR) #1

As I was browsing the forums today I stumbled upon SkyHighYo’s signature.

Like I can’t get over how amazing it is. Yes, I had to make a whole post about it.

I mean look at this thing:

Congratulations sir. You have the coolest signature I’ve seen on these forums in a couple years.


I don’t know… Squid Girl is pretty cool, along with Jensen Kimmitt.


I 2nd that! Awesome!


Too awesome for words.


hahaha thank you thank you.

I feel like my old signature was way cooler. Featuring the three hypnotic FHZ’s. Those FHZ’s, were taken from a stock photo of a Orange FHZ with white caps. From there I made the body of the FHZ rainbow color and replaced the caps with a hypnotic spiraly thing. I was gonna use this as my Avatar, but it looked crummy small, and my current Avatar is just too killer for words. So I put it in my sig, and decided it looked kinda lonely. So I decided to play around with the image to see what I could do with it, and alas I ended up with three incarnations that all looked kinda cool. A lot of work, little pay off. Looked too busy, albeit righteous.

This signature took all but 5 minutes to make haha, all I did was take a pic, resize it and plaster some Genyo skulls ontop of it and I get a “Best Signature” Award. That’s so rad hahahaha

I have to thank Mr. Boulay for making this possible. John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Tarantino for bringing them together for this one scene for me to bastardize with some yoyo logos from General-Yo, so lastly thanks to Mr. Kaiser.



so true