Let’s talk Cerakote!

Aaaah, thanks for the info. :+1:

On the MAO tangent, I found this interesting: What is Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation?

How appropriate.



Yep the wait is finally over for me lol. That white with black is absolutely fire and I enjoy the Top Deck, so I’ll be trying to cop one. It gives me that “ I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party too” vibe


My second cerakote. I’m excited to see how it patinas up.


Did everyone order their Top Decks today? :grin:


I like the top deck but I actually don’t think I would want it cerakote

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What is it about the Top Deck that makes it less desirable for cerakote?

I haven’t figured out why Cerakote is desirable on any yoyo. It looks like it’s less durable than a standard anodized finish.

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Depends on the context.

Because Ceracote is applied with Air, Air Brush, they may have a likelihood of chipping.

But there are a lot of benefits to the coating, beyond what Anodizing offers, aside from the one flaw.

These are still anodized under the coating. So best of both worlds?

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You have to appreciate the patina and the feel. I have a cerakote Deep State and Weekender and they are both the best of their breed in my opinion.

I don’t mind patina, as in metal oxidation, but I’m not a fan of a distressed finish.

That’s a yo-yo that I 100% will ding and so on he more expensive finish would keep it over carpet or on a shelf. I may not intend to do that but it would be my impulse if I owned one. Kind of like how I never throw my rbc even though I love it cause they are hard to get ahold of but I play and beat the hell out of my Origen. I don’t like owning a yo-yo I’m not comfortable playing with


I am the complete opposite. Throw the Cer.Weekender anywhere. The Anodized one sits on the shelf and is played over carpet.

I got mine from Howard and he had it as a shelf queen. It still had that initial gritty feel. I told him I was going to wear it out. When Doc told me there are roughly nine in existence. I flip flopped for a minute but I’m back putting it to work.


I picked up the white/black

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I know where another one of the 9 is…


Same here. I kept checking throughout the day to see how the sales went and white/black finally sold out around 5 or 6pm PDT. No idea when the orange one sold out, but the yellow/black is still in stock.

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I did and it was difficult deciding which one. I went with yellow/black since I thought it would look good if the Cerakote got damaged in places and black was peaking through. :grin:

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