Let’s start posting tricks!

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I’ll try to film something in this angle.


^ why delete? Re-post that ish! Those boings were tight

(Gethin) #64

Made an unnecessarily hard version of engineer’s windup, kinda fun though!


Nice! Especially the bouncy thing at the end!


Love it! Very clever.

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Nice one, gcommans. I have a less interesting snap start trick that’s in the same ballpark as your trick:

That’s a One Drop Dang 2 I’m throwing - I’m over the moon about this yoyo. :smile:

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Cool, I love stalls with unresponsives! Dang 2 is nice!!


I just had a second look at this, very impressive. Inspired me to work more on slack tricks, they can be tough, and I get lazy :wink:

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Thanks man! Let me know how you do with those slacks.

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Maider Bind!


Nothing special I just thought I’d throw one up in the spirit of St Patrick’s day, have a safe one everybody. Cheers! :smile:


Goodnight :sleeping:

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Not mine but made me lol. This is actually pretty dope :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


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Kurti is lowkey the most tasteful competitor out there.