Let’s start posting tricks!

(Justin ) #1

@EOS44 made a great point about these forums; users seldom post tricks!! I want to change that. Here’s something I posted on Reddit/Instagram a bit ago.

(Gethin) #2

Cool stuff!

(Jacob Waugh) #3

Already posted this somewhere else, but it is my only trick on instagram.


No slack on my revolutions in this one but screw it

(Gethin) #5

sweet moves, what throw is that?


Luftverk fulvia with full ceramic bearing, the combo makes for one noisy yoyo :loud_sound:

(Gethin) #7

Haha I watched it again with sound after you said that, that’s a noisy boy


Makes me wish I was a little more skilled to contribute but I feel like most of what I can do would be pretty boring. Although I do have a blacklight which is great at making…the simple amazing :wink:

(Ethan Phelps) #9

Give until about 3:40 New York time and I’ll put mine up

(Ethan Phelps) #10

It’s probable not as good though lol

(Justin ) #11

I don’t think it should be about who has better tricks, but rather just people posting any tricks that they would like to share!

(Jordan Blofeld) #12

I got a youtube channel full of tricks


(Gethin) #13

Idk if this is how to link it, but here’s one of my fixed tricks!!

(Gethin) #14

Oh I’ve seen some of these! Love it

(Jordan Blofeld) #15

I recommend the feature videos section. I’ve made some videos with some incredible players

({John15}) #16

Three things:

  1. A little trick circle
  2. A whippy regen double wrapped hook I’ve been working on
  3. The double wrapped hook isolated

I attribute the double wrapped hook to my homemade strings. They retain a high amount of energy.


Trying to clean up my Kwyjibo - what should I learn next? Matrix or Cold fusion?

({John15}) #18

Looking good man! And I vote Matrix. It looks so clean when it gets smooth, and I still like to use the elements to build tricks

(Gethin) #19

I second the matrix, that was my first unresponsive trick and remains one of my favs

(Spinworthy Glen) #20

Nice whip stall @gcoomans! What throw are you using there?