Lego Ricestacks

Has anybody else attached lego pieces to their ricestacks (on the little hole). Sorry no pics.

Really nobody else does this? ???

nope, never tried it. but sounds cool

Kyle Weems (Kyo) made a yoyo out of legos. Playes great too.

Any pictures I’d love to see it. (Couldn’t find it with Google.)

Lemme look and see if I can find some.

Hope this helped!  ;D

Oh, and this!

thats not made 100% out of legos (meaning the body)

Lol, sorry. I thought he just wanted to show hime that there was a lego-hubstacked yoyo :smiley:

lol, i thought you were referring to icky’s post :slight_smile:

Hahaha, nah, sorry XD