, Legacy, Signed Eric Koloski Picture FT!

New breed and Kickside gone!!
If your interested Im still willing to trade the picture… I’ll trade it for select double o-ring YYJ Metal/plastic hyrbids…I can even throw in a beat Lagacy… Solid 5A throw…

Yup… I have a yo or two I’d like to trade.

[s]First is my capless kickside, Its half green and half black… The O-ring side is siliconed… Its almost unresponsive… Im sure you just have to break in the silicone…  Its pretty much mint, the black side has one little scuff but thats it.
I’d really like a Speed Maker or maybe even a Velocity. But it could be used as deal sweetener.I’d also trade this for some of the old style caps from the DM… Blue prefered

Then my orange New Breed, It has a few small scuffs but no deep dings… The biggest one I tried to get in the picture but it was hard with the glare. If you look at the picture on the right hand side is a nice little glare, the biggest scuff is under that glare lol… And the caps are starting to fade like most mirrored caps… The rims are a little dirty looking but a polish will get them nice and shiny…[/s]


And I might even trade the Eric Koloski picture I got when I bought it. (1 out of 25 I think?)
But it depends on the offer…

All the pics can be found here

Hitman (o-ring, no hybrids)
FHZs, Siliconed and good condish gets priority…


If your interested I’d trade the DM and Legacy as well… The DM is stock and beat to crap but a solid player…

The Legacy has a few alot of scuffs and new silicone… A little snaggy but I think the silicone needs broken in…Great 5A throw!

Just to clarify… the yoyo’s for trade are:
Eric Koloski picture

I just used my colection for the pictures, not all those yoyos are for trade…

Would you consider my K-Os Extreme in good condition for the New Breed? I’m not sure if I want to, but I’m just throwing that out there.


Had to wait till I got paid… Wanted to make sure I had money to mail the stuff lol…

Bumpity mcBump bump!

BUMPw/ edit!

i would never trade my kos. its so good. it could be hard to find that and a x con

Bump it up!




Bump! I want some loopers!

720’s or modded Raiders prefered!

Still looking for some loopers!

I have an ignite. It’s a good looper IMO

Thanks but no thanks…


Bump… B-Grades would be cool!

888 would get the whole trade set… Maybe some money too…


Bump… Not willing to trade the DM… Just re-discovered its Leetness…

Okay, old thread. Still got anything?

i got siliconed hitman with 0.75 mm shims ;D

The New Breed and Kickside are gone… The Koloski Pic is still there… I dont know if Im going to give it up though… And depending on the offer I might trade my pad M1 in about a month