Legacy By Grant johnson

From 1:40-1:45

How to do that?

and another questions. :smiley:

  • Is All Paint thinner is 100% Mineral Spirits?
  • If you know, What is grant’s Setup? IS it Konkave bearing with it? or what? just tell me so. :slight_smile:
  • And, the X-convict is also grindable, right?

I think GM User has a tut for that.

Could be wrong but i think it is this!

Darn, I just found it :P. But yea thats it, Grant just does it mega fast.


Happy Throwing! =]

Mineral spirits is one kind of paint thinner, but there are lots of paint thinners that aren’t mineral spirits. They have different compositions (they are made from other things).

I don’t know how Grant has his Legacy set up in that video.

The X-Convict is a very good, very grindable yoyo.

Grant has his Legacy’s stock. He doesn’t know a lot of modding things, so he doesn’t change up a lot of things in his yoyos.