Learning Tutorial Tricks

Yo just wondering if anyone has any tips for learning tricks from tutorials they would like to share?

A couple things I tried and liked have been to take screen shots instead of watching in .25 because it’s easier to quickly reference and youtube can be annoying about ads. Also, I always tell myself hands, fingers, string, yoyo. For me, I’m easily distracted by the yoyo and let the yoyo steal all my focus but it’s a trap! Hands, fingers, string, yoyo. I tell myself this and it has helped me get to the point of figuring out tricks easier. Because, to me, it seems like there is the figuring out part of a trick, and then the landing it correctly and being able to perform it part, which can’t happen until the mechanics are understood. Knowing how the mechanics works, helps me know if a trick is too hard right now and I should come back to it later also.

Does anyone else have anything they like to remind themselves of or any novel things they like to do when learning a new trick from a tutorial?

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Comma and period on youtube frame advance and rewind. That’s infinitely more useful to me than .25x playback speed.

If you really can’t figure out a transition, kill the yoyo when you get to that mount. Then just move the strings around until you know how you need to be moving the yoyo, and where it needs to end up.

Try and fully process what every finger involved is doing, and how every string is actually moving around on the yoyo. Pay attention to what directions kinks are in, how string formations are set up on hands, and which strings are moving in/out of the gap of the yoyo, and which side of the yoyo a string should be on within the gap.

I guess these tips are more useful for learning tricks without a tutorial though. It’s just about paying close attention and knowing when to look for nuances.


Did not know these key commands…seems better than having a ton of folders with screenshots

For me I have a tiny bit more prep. Gotta make sure the tut is mirrored in a different link, usually have to ignore or mute the audio because obviously you can’t mirror that lol, the person will be telling me something like “rotate the yoyo counter clockwise” and I’ll be like okay!..wait no…I gotta go clockwise. Not at all saying it’s harder to learn tuts lefty than it is righty! I think it just takes a little more patience and use of technology sometimes haha.

As for actual tips I’d say try and study the trick/tutorial a lot before you even attempt it. I used to jump right in and try to just go along with the tutorial while the yoyo was spinning, which is fine and probably works well for a lot, but not me. I usually watch the vid all the way through at least 4-5 times before I start to go through steps. Usually I’m a person that learns better by doing not seeing but with yoyo it’s been the opposite. My brain starts to register what’s going on a lot better/faster by just studying everything happening, I go by frame on parts I’m stuck at too not just slow motion.


Nah that does sound harder lol there is already so much to focus on sometimes and I do that too like atleast two or three watches before putting on a slip knot and also learn best by doing especially because some moves in Yoyo are like sink or swim like I gotta commit and just go for it and that’s when it’ll start to click for me…I was watching drive to survive at the time but I called this idea formula 1 theory because I had to just trust the car and lean into the turn…kinda makes sense for Yoyo w moves that can’t pause during like if it’s upside down or something or will move off plane quick

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I use the firefox extension “Enhancer for YouTube” to loop a section of a video. Whether its an actual tutorial, or just a jam video that has a trick i want to learn, when slowed down and looped you can figure it out.

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