Learning Time Table???


Is there a general time table for beginners learning tricks/mounts and combos?

Has anyone ever came up with something as a goal for beginning throwers?

I’m throwing about 2 hours or so a day and feel like tricks take me a while to do although once I get it once or twice in a row they seem a lot easier.

Day one. 1 hour- ugly split bottom mount, brain twister returned to hand few times, landed of trapeze and back to hand.

Day two. 2 hours- split bottom mount landed majority of time, brain twister seemed natural, landed 1.5 side mount, trapeze much easier but still missed string a lot.

Day three. 30 minutes. Improved all around on split bottom with flips, stop and go was easy.

Day four. 2 hours. Tried split the atom almost entire time I threw and have it down till the dismount and return. Using yomega strings on DM2 standard bearing.

Im sure I left out some minor tricks and mounts but its a start of keeping track of my progress.


Whatever man, it’s up to you! Just make sure you’re having fun and not making it homework :wink:


Lol homework is years behind me and everything I do is at home so… but frustration learning tricks is part of it too.

I just feel like it takes me forever to follow along on some of the tortuials once I start trying it. Like I was stuck on the second part of split the atom where you bring the yoyo back towards yourself for a good hour before finally getting the hang of it. Maybe I’m overreacting to how long some of it is taking me but was curious if there was a basic learning curve.


I worked on the Split Bottom Mount for two days, so I feel your pain. There is definitely a huge learning curve at the beginning but, from what I can tell, it gets easier to learn new tricks once you know more tricks.


It gets easier. :wink: Many MANY tutorials still make me go . But the more I do, the easier the separate elements start to come. You develop a trick “vocabulary” and then learning a new trick starts to be like reading a sentence in a language you understand instead of translating every single word.


Wow, that is a great analogy. That’s really good to hear as well!


And then I think I’m ready to learn some advanced stuff from rethinkyoyo or Charles’s tutorials and i go all over again. On the bright side, im SOOOOOOO close with grandma kimmitt sandwich


I personally learned split the atom in half an hour and got it smooth and consistent in 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea i Get your point lol


I typically throw for an hour a day, so we learned in roughly the same amount of time. It was so aggravating at first!


:expressionless: it took me like a month to learn the split bottom mount :o and like a week for split the atom

i think the CLYW tuts are extremely hard to follow! they dont talk or use text or anything, it so hard for me to learn tricks from.

i like rethink yo,yotricks, and this other random channel, i think theres also another

also, go to http://yotricks.com/ and go to “first 50” it shows to the first 50 yoyo tricks in order to learn


Splt bottom mount was the trickiestto get consistent but past that I thought everything was pretty easy… 1/2 mount was annoying as heck though…


Yea. You couldn’t have put that any better!

The struggles I’m having from the point of a 3-4 day thrower and following the tortuials is the fact that they are tricks for beginners like myself but lack the explanation of how to manipulate the string and yoyo to make it work. All the “first 50/basic mounts/trick” tortuials have good camera angles and for the most part good slow break downs of each step but lack that little bit of info that is needed to help true noobs get through it all in one motion.


Wow! Like in your first couple of days I’m guessing?

I’ve got to the spinning and dismounting it in 2 hours but lose most of my sleeper at that point so only get it back to my hand every now and then after making it return slowly.

Were you using responsive yoyo or NR?


really? It took me like 4 tries to get the 1/2 side mount…


It was like my 2nd or 3rd week, i was using responsive throw


I couldnt do it in one fluent motion for a while though :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking you’re making good progress. I am 3 weeks in roughly, and can do all the beginner tricks, and have double or nothing, ripcord, and drop in the bucket left in intermediate. My split the atom, atom bomb, and brain twister (which I do from a more stylish front mount, and finish with loops on the reverse mount before the bind) are all getting pretty smooth, and are hitting with high percentages. I throw between 30-90 minutes a day. More days are closer to 30. You are way ahead of my pace.


Thanks for input!

I’ve got a lot of free time every weekday during the summer. I stay at home with my 6 year old and she throws with me a lot of the time. That’s how it all started a few weeks ago. She picked up a yoyo in Lamberts gift shop and brought it home. I broke the string on it at the axle in a matter of days trying to get it to sleep. After further inspection it’s plastic axle cover was beat up and jagged. Now she’s throwing a cheap Duncan until she gets the gang of it. Thinking a brain type for her next one.


If she can throw, dont get her a brian. Those are designed to teach people how to throw.