League Of Legends

Hello Guys!!
I would like to encourage  to play really good game- League Of Legends. Its kind of multiplayer game.
There are 2 teams, 5 or 3 players in each of them. U have to fight and destroy enemy base.
Enjoy gameplay video:
There are many balanced characters to play.

You can register and download game in this link: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4d565fa82e9ac580799532

P.S. Sorry for my English skill, I’m from Poland :wink:
P.S.2 My nick is Peendzel

See You in GAME!! ;D


LOL knockoff kid version of WoW

Not really…

It has a lot of similar aspects, gameplay is the only thing different.

Reminds me a bit like DotA

More like Dota than WOW.

This is not an MMORPG it is a Real-Time Strategy RPG which I know sounds like a juicy contradiction. It is a lot like DotA but there are differences, for example, there is no denying, pretty much take DotA and make it more aggressive and fast paced, that is LoL. Also, I already made a thread about this in this exact forum. I don’t really care, I am just pointing it out, besides I don’t have nearly enough time to frequent these forums OR LoL like I used to a couple weeks ago (month?). Hope this clears LoL of the slanderous comparison of World of Failcraft.

Hahaha, failcraft. Honestly, WOW isn’t bad when you compare it to other games. All online games are just as addicting and eventually become dumb and fail.

Isn’t that what separates most games?

Risk and Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 have a lot of similar aspects, gameplay is the only thing different.

Also LoL is essentially a DOtA standalone, just a bit more fine tuned, as d4rqk0n3 stated.

The only relation LoL has to WoW is the fact that it is based on an old mod for a REAL Warcraft game.

I like the game, but I can’t play it because the only time I have to play the game is in the weekends, and in the weekends there’s either a 3 hour login queue or constant lagging from 2PM. Don’t let this scare you off though, the game is great, and the same goes for the US servers.

The only thing ive noticed in differences between Dota and Legends is when you die in Legends you dont lose gold. A similar game that I havent played is Heroes of Newerth.