Le Tap Promo

Comments, questions, bagels?

man,that was the most enjoyable yoyo video ive seen in a long time.you guys look like
you had a lot of fun,and you have a great style. :wink:
what kind of camera did you use?

Canon 7D with a 50mm F1.4 lens

wow, nice video! :slight_smile:
and you guys did it more justice than I could… lol
I can honestly say I’ve never seen 3a and 5a mixed though til now. :open_mouth:

Wow who’s last name is that backwards?

I’m pretty sure it’s some fancy french word…pssshhh… someone’s name spelled backwards?


Also, great video.

AW yeah bagels.

How come Samad wasn’t in the video? :’(

Other than that it was a SICK video.