Laser Engravings

Do they wear out with friction and moisture? My 888’s splash is fading but I’m wondering if my C13’s laser engraving is permanent.

I don’t think laser engravings fade, or if they do, it’d take A LOT for that to happen. I could very well be wrong though, please correct me if someone knows better :slight_smile:

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Well I dont’ know about the Yoyo’s, but when it comes to metal and laser engravings it should be permanent. The only way your going to get rid of those is if you scrub them away with something harder than the surface of the metal that it was on. Moisture won’t take away the laser engraving unless its fake, which i doubt is the case. Hope this helps out.

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Well laser engravings are carving into the ano/metal. If it’s fading, it’s really probably just the ano around it fading a little bit. Not sure if it’s quite possible though.

Its the same thing as yyj metal rims, over time they oxidize and turn gray and ugly because they aren’t protected by anodization. So the laser engravings aren’t fading, they are just oxidizing. It isn’t a big deal and happens with pretty much every yoyo.

ok ok let me tell you this 09 888’s ano fade all of them and splash isnt laser engraving its also ano so dont worry it wont completely dissapear it will just lighten A LOT you should see Johnny T’s 888 it looks sky blue not aqua :o

EDIT: when you do thumb grinds the ano falls off and your thumb gets blue powder on it DO NOT EAT IT! IT IS NOT CANDY!

Alright thanks for the info guys. But now I’m worried about the rest of my C13 oxidizing…