Etching on a yoyo

See, I’m oblivious to the nature of etchings on a yoyo. I kinda want to know the jist of it. The main question about it is wear. Will it ever wear out? I ask this because of the etchings on my new Shutter. Will constant finger spins wear out the thin etchings?

Some do some don’t…

I know that I did finger spins on a raptor (engravings) constant with no wear what so ever.

But I did them on a friends C3 Darksonic (built for fingerspins) and the ANODIZATION started to wear off.

Lazer engravings shouldn’t wear, but the Ano might/might not…

I might be mistaken about this, but I believe there are two types of laser etching. One actually physically cuts the metal and makes an indent in the metal, while the other just cuts through the ano. So the first type should be absolutely fine, bu I could see the second type wearing out. I have no idea about the shutter in particular

I see. I just wonder about it since it feels like it can be scratched off.