Largest diameter yoyo?

Anyone know what the largest diameter yoyo available for retail (no one off giant Tom Kuhn’s, etc.) is? I am curious to know, all I can think of is the Big Yo at 3.8".

Bigyoyo is the largest…

The YoYoJam Big Yo is reported to be the largest production yoyo. The diameter is 96.460mm, or approximately 3.8 inches.

So, you’ve already answered your own question.

Crucial Jirorian might be the largest production non-4A yoyo. 68.24mm.

Is that bigger than H5xChief?

This is something that takes roughly 5 seconds to google or just use the YYE shop drop-down menu

I’m fairly sure NathanC is correct that the Jirorian is the largest non 4A yoyo

The H5xChief is around 64mm

Nothing is official, that’s why I need your help.

I know, I know. You said retail. But look at that thing!

I don’t think he was referring to you on that part.

Oh and that baloon yoyo that was in a video a few weeks (months?) back.