Lancaster County Skill Toy Club---First Meet, August 8th! ~Lancatser, PA~

Our first meet will be held August 8th, 2015!
Location: 16 E. Main Street, Ephrata, PA 17522
When: 12:00pm-?

~Lancaster County Skill Toy Club is a family-friendly club that meets monthly. Anyone who partakes in, or has interests in, any skill can meet up to have fun, share tricks/hobbies, and learn new skills. We meet the SECOND SATURDAY of every month from 12:00pm-whenever, on a come and go as you please basis.We meet at the Square in Downtown Ephrata, between China Tase and Re-Uzit Shop. Most skills we do a the club currently are Yo-yoing and Kendama. Any and all skills are welcome, such as, juggling, foot-bagging, poi, spin tops, etc.~

Here is a link to our Facebook page if you’re interested in liking our page and keeping up to date with the club: