Ladder mount

guys i kept trying to land ladder mount for the last 3 days i tried it alot and havn’t got it please help i keep landing it wrong. check out the attachment photo and tell me what to do. Sorry for bad photography.

Check the link above for a great tutorial. There’s an easy and more difficult way demonstrated in the video.

I can’t really tell what you are doing wrong in that photo. Looks like you are landing on the wrong string though.

First start out doing the begining of a houdini mount. As it goes over your throw hand index swing it between your body and and the strings as your doing that hook your index in so you dont wrap the string around it then back out(I had a hard time figuring that out myself from all the different videos i watched on how to do it)then open the string with hrow hand thumb and swing into small trapeze.

Hope this Helps

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