ladder escape vid

tell me if I am doing anything wrong. It is not the smoothest but I think i got it

Cool Video! Smooth that out and you have a future! Subbed!

EDIT Nice facial movements!

Yes, very nice man. Thats like the gateway trick to some really cool stuff and you nailed it. Smoothness will come with repetitiveness. Just keep on doing it, and magically one time you’ll just nail it like buttah and never look back. Rock on Man!!! ;D

Great job! Smoothen it out a bit though, and you will be good to go.

Also, OldSchool, how is it the gateway trick? I dont know it yet, and look where I’m at :wink:

It’s a gateway trick due to the string work. One of the first tricks with the crossing of strings the way you have to. I know when I first started learning this, it was totally different from anything I’ve done before. Now that I know it, I see a lot of the elements it all of the tricks that would be considered past master level. Like Lil Wrist by Raytsh, and Plan D. So when you get ladder escape down smooth, it teaches you a lot of the elements you need to know for the harder tricks.

Nice!!! keep it up, and try not to miss any strings. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]