Kyo DNS Review |

Kyle Weems is a unique individual. The tem “Incredible Genius” comes to mind. I imagine that he sees formulas and math in everything, catching mathematical equations where the average person sees only an ice cream cone. Let me put it this way. If he were to point his math genius towards a goat, it would not only faint, it would explode… I kid (kinda), but every time Kyle and I talk about anything that could possible segway to math, he wows me every time. He is a great guy and always a pleasure to talk to. Anytime I am looking for a debate, I can count on him to not only state his view plainly, but have all the data ready to support it. That said, I am not exactly a fanboy when it comes to his designs. I remember meeting him at Nationals, and telling him my favorite yo-yo of his was the Cyclotron, only to have him tell me that he didn’t design it, only produced it. The rest of his yo-yos just never hit me the right way. When he asked me to review the DNS, I was honestly surprised. The last yo-yo I reviewed of his design was the Vendetta and it was not exactly a positive one. I did what I always do: Promise an honest review with no bias. A few weeks later the DNS was on my doorstep.
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