Koma Komparison

So for anyone looking at the sweet Koma tops on sale here, but maybe don’t know which one to get, I have a few cents worth of input.
The basic top with no weight ring is a nice Koma and a good one to learn on. It is less to deal with when learning to throw it and boomerang, and it is a better bouncer. That is to say, if you bounce one off your face, you would want to pick this one.
The other end of the spectrum, the outside weight ring model, is a better spinner and better for doing tricks that require pushing through some string grinds. It is a lot of fun, and it is the one I learned to throw with, but now I usually use a lighter model because I am not that advanced with the tricks yet.
The middle model is a good compromise maybe, but closer to the external weight model.
A hard choice if you can only get one, but if you are just testing the waters, I would get the basic model and move up the food chain as your skills increase.
Koma tops are really fun and challenging. Totally different ballgame than the regular tops, but there is some cross over skills.