Knot clap

Does anybody know how to do the trick knot clap.
If anyone can explain it to me that would be great Ive been trying to figure this out from this video but cant.

bump :o

that is awesome.

I don’t know the trick but I want to.

its actually pretty easy. the green triangle isnt actually a green triangle, it just looks like one haha

Heres a tutorial.


Ive seen that tut but he keeps going out of frame. It does help i think ive got it now mabe someone can make a better tut or mabe i will once i get better at it.


I basically have it down… except I only get one clap into trapeze. It is not actually that hard. I watched the other video that Ibanezcollector has … over and over.

Double or nothing and take the non throw hand fingers front loop… back under the other (like the monorail) and place your thumbs like in the video. Hop the yoyo over (front to back) and back on the bottom string. Then drop everything except for the one loop on the non throw hand. There is your “knot”.

If no one else does a tutorial vid by the time I am comfortable with it… then I will shoot something for it.