KK or Center Track

i might get one or the other just for fun to see how they are. how different are they. i know that the KK is shaped more like a U and the CT is shaped like __/, so yeah. what are the pros and cons of both.

KK, string layers pile up on each other

Center track, String layers pile up on each other

Flat bearing has more room for string layers than any other bearing.

kk= / CT= _/ SPEC= ___ you tell me what has more room

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The flat bearing does.

Lol, yeah, icthus already stated that.

He didn’t ask about which has more string layers. He just wants to know the pros and cons of the KK and The CT.

I’ve played with both, and I like the KK a lot more. It’s a lot smoother and the CT seems to bind up too easily on the string. Get the KK, it’s just better.

As long as the string layers are being “kept away from the sides” isn’t that better? Even if they bunch up (I don’t seem to have this happen, but I never have many string layers anyway) as long as it’s away from the response it should be fine.

I think proper technique wins out over fancy tools though.

To answer your question, I like KKs more. Not because of the string thing, they just feel smoother to me.

kk’s is the way to go, but flat YYJ speed bearings or any flat type bearing is better


nothing is better than something else. it’s preference.

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I dont know if you can have a preference with a bearing, besides bearing size. Because depending on if the bearing is dirty or not they all play the same IMO.

is it even worth getting a bearing. i don’t often have a problem with the string on the sides but i just wanted to know if there was anything else. if it wont make a huge difference with my play, then i might just use that money for a PGM and try hubs

I would buy a new yoyo. But that’s just me. and just do synergy caps for a yoyo you already have if you want to try hubstacks, no need to spend 30$ for em.

well the only yoyo compatable with synergy caps is the speeder. it says it changes the play a lot but does it really? if not then i will get them.


The Dark Magic, Legacy, X-con, X-convict, Black Knight, Aquarius and more are compatable with Synergy Caps.

Like wise that’s what i said ( :stuck_out_tongue: )r…Read carefully, i only stated my opinion…PREFRENCE, its my OPINION

sorry i meant the only yoyo i have that is compatable is the speeder. and it says it gives it a vibe

A few thing’s I’ve noticed while watching and participate in yoyo play.

The majority of yoyos now come with, or are later set up, with recessed responce systems, and handle amazing amounts of string layers with either flat or kk bearings.

To my knowledge the design of the KK bearing is meant to help centre the string on the bearing and to sheild the string more from the responce system (see above) which in the early Dif-e-yo models, was not recessed, and the bearing itself was not held in a recessed seat.

I have played with these bearings and don’t find them to be particularly better during play in modern yoyos. The only type of bearing setup (and yes, slap me and call it advertising but it is truth) to be most effective in layer management during play is the beefcake setup. This is my opinion alone, and hope you can try them all out one day side by side and make your choice.

Good to see you posting here Skip! You are also very right. I’m not partial of the beefcake setup because I don’t like the little centering groove it makes. BUT it is basically a flat bearing so its all good.