Kitteh Giveaway Contest Has Started

He has contests on certain website to Benifit him, and his services he does, and to be a generous guy and give stuff away. If you’ve got a problem with it, dont complain. It’s sniffys website, sniffys giveaway, sniffys rules. :smiley:

It’s not a public service.

It’s just something nice to do with people who choose to participate.
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you don’t believe in information collecting services and yet on yye alone i found your email, the state you live in, and possibly your age? regardless, this is basically open to anyone unless they live in a country that restricts the use of twitter… and you’re from the US so…

edit: and come on, jeez he’s giving away a sweet yoyo that he probably could of auctioned off for his own profit or something, can’t you just be happy people like him exist?

^haha, that’s a hilarious argument.

true story, Bra.

We could break this down logically just for the fun of it. Note, the part where this is fun for me, I am boring.

In terms of info collecting services:
In around 5 minutes of looking at your YouTube channel I was able to see what you look like, your name and address, get a pretty good idea of your age and family structure, that you’re using an android phone and gmail (literally 5 minutes, no real effort, not even a google search) Android and gmail, and YouTube are put out by a company who’s business is collecting information and building profiles on individuals and the other people they are connected to - the google services eula plainly states they will scan all of your emails, will index and archive all written and voice communications run through their services, and index voice communications/ voice searches to build a voice profile on the user. Google is also now doing facial recognition, so many YouTube videos with faces…

So with almost no effort I got a view of your address and name, what you look like, approximate age, and other very specific uniquely identifying info which would be inappropriate to mention here. All provided willingly by you to a service which broadcasts it to the world, and connects your searches with these unique identifiers you provide willingly with voice and text communications made on a location aware device you bought to carry around with you. That is a really long sentence.

My point, other than fun, is twitter is the least invasive service when approached correctly, much less invasive than the services you’ve already got an existing very rich profile on. I choose to use twitter over Facebook for this reason. Twitter only requires an email address. I should know, I own twitter, run it off a laptop in a storage locker. There are services that give you a 24hour burner address for signing up for services, and unless you connect your twitter address to the very, very complete public profile you’ve helped google display to the world, entering a code and a twitter handle in a blog comment box doesn’t broadcast any personally identifiable information, but does allow me to set up a 2 factor authentication, that is admittedly not air tight, but is sufficient, easy for me to scan, and allows me to screencast the randomly generated winning number for the contest.

Personally, I mainly tweet about yoyos, the mouse that lives in my printer, and recently my neighbor’s new hot gardener who for some reason took 15 minutes out of her hot existence yesterday to talk to me about my moped, so I’m perfectly fine with having my tweets indexed, and even cross referenced with the email address I use for twitter, which is also pretty much just about yoyos, and is definitely being indexed by google and cross-connected with my YouTube channel which is also about yoyos, with an occasional video showing what a ridiculously good drummer I am. It’s probably also connected to real life too being I use google for my voice communications and use chrome as my browser, but I’m not so worried, I haven’t committed a crime since I was six and I change my address every three weeks.

My point in this very long and mind blurringly boring post is you’ve already splayed your entire life out to google and it’s various wings, so if you want to participate in a Yoyo contest, I’d say go for it (I hope everyone participates, I wish I had a million of them to send out) there’s nothing that can be collected you haven’t already willingly provided. However, if the info on your YouTube videos is faked to throw off any info collecting or investigation, you are officially my god.
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Thanks. I do want to say again, the whole project was for charity and couldn’t be done without the generosity of one drop, Monkeyfinger, Toxic and YoYoExpert. I’m running this contest, but they all agreed we should give it away to a lucky person.
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Definite win in my book. I woke up this morning and got on here and read my own stuff and realized how moronically stupid i sounded and was really ashamed. Sorry. It sounded right yesterday but sometimes when we are mad we say or do things completely out of character. I actually did read all the way through that long ordeal of yours. I found it comically humorous to laugh at myself because you made a lot of good points. Honestly i have to sit back and realize that twitter is not my issue. I had a myspace account long ago when it was first created. Yes im old. :smiley: I did everything on that website you could possibly imagine and i remember being on it all the time, i forgot to have a life. Then the day came, a bunch of accounts including mine, got hacked. Porn and advertisement spewing viruses sent emails to everyone i know and infected their computers as well (because i was a trusted person that people just opened emails back then) and shut down components of my computer and my addiction to Myspace suddenly stopped. I was devastated. Everyone that was on my Buddie list cut me off so they didn’t receive any more emails through my Myspace account. The problem was fixed by a computer wipe and even though Myspace said the issue was resolved, they continued to have hacking problems so I tried too delete my account but Myspace wouldn’t let me. They said it wouldn’t be visible but still there if I wanted to restart it. But if i put in the addy from an unknown computer it still pops up so it not hidden like they said.
Now I’m utterly terrified for some reason, an actual fear that puts me in a panic mode, to open another account with anything. Email accounts don’t really get hacked (well they do but less frequently) anymore so their is a safety net for peace of mind and ways of stopping a virus before it sends stuff out (and why just about everything goes to my junk folder first). My life won’t stop or be affected if my YouTube channel gets interrupted or deleted. I have all the videos backed up (it doesn’t send emails that I’m aware of anyway). And I’m not scared to share info with all of you here and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if there was a problem with my account here (again doesn’t have the ability to send out emails to everyone. A virus would have to infect YoYoExpert not my account for that to happen). I guess sharing info isn’t my issue but having or trusting another site is. This is the second time sniffy has posted a twitter type thing that when i considered opening a twitter account i went into panicked freak mode because i like sniffy and really do want to enter. I will almost start shaking and cry when I bring up the twitter sign up page. “Almost”! It’s the feeling I get. Myspace really messed me up. It’s not sniffy’s fault, it’s mine and again I apologize for being that way. Sometimes i can’t control it. Honestly I don’t know what to do because it seams you can’t do a lot of things with company promos or other stuff anymore without a Facebook, twitter, or google + account.

oh, man.

That makes sense,

now I’m scared.

I didn’t write that to scare anyone, just to clarify my problem and to give a reason for my apology. Truly we should live life without as much fear as possible but sometimes you can’t control it. It’s like when a small child almost drowns or has a bad experience in water and grows up terrified of water. Apparently this can happen electronically as well. It’s all physiological and i guess I’m going to have to live with it. But enough of me this is sniffy’s contest thread so good luck to all. Just wish i could enter.


Well. I’d look at it this way. Everyone over 25 has at this point either set up an account on a dead service and forgot the password to delete it, has posted something on a forum a long time ago saying things they now wish were never published, used semantic passwords and had one or another thing hacked, woken up next to a bowl of noodles they don’t remember cooking the night before or even worse use your imagination.

I can vouch for the guys here they aren’t sharing info, or at least I know they’re standup guys who aren’t in that class of people. I personally go through my twitter followers every day and delete followers which are bots and/or potential spammers.

I of course have a g+ account waiting dormant to slurp up and aggregate my info, but I have yet to feed it. Google is making it tough to upload photos to blogger on an iPad without it. I’ve found workarounds though.

When happy smily apple automatically puts ios 6 on my two touch screen devices, I’ll have to go in and remove all traces of the new happy smily forced Facebook integration… Actually this is becoming way off topic. I think I’ll start a geek out thread, or someone should, call it /yo

Bottom line ghost:
I hope you participate in the contests now. You can go to geurillamail, or maybe it’s gorillamail, there are several - get yourself a burner e.mail, go to an open wifi spot and sign up for twitter using a machine not used for personal business.
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Ps. is an excellent random 64 character password generator, I heard the creator explain bits of the algorithm for around an hour and am impressed by the randomness of the giant pile of variables he uses.

I use it for everything. Non-semantic passwords are the first defense in keeping yourself from being hacked. I also use it to generate the contest codes.
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I’m up to date. If you requested a code and didn’t get one, or posted your entry and don’t see it. Hit me up on twitter so I can figure out what’s the problem.
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I updated all entries and sent out all requested codes to date.
If you requested a code and didn’t get one, or posted your entry and don’t see it, let me know.

7 days left to has a code and sign up.
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Uhh dont mean to bother you but what is your picture of the doodle junp like thing