Kingspin Yoyos- The Chronicle!

Hello! This thread will be the home of all future updates and discussion for Kingspin and its designs.

The company was first started by Arthur Foley in mid-2011, with the first design: the Gnosis. After a small run, Kingspin is back from the break with our second design. The Chronicle is a full-sized, full-bodied yoyo. The specs:

56.5mm diameter
42.3mm width
4.3mm gap

We went for a design that would serve any thrower well in a competition environment, as well as for creating his own material or just messing around. Everybody local who has thrown it can’t seem to put it down.

Be on the lookout for the Chronicle in the YYE store soon!


I tried out the Gnosis. It really was an excellent yoyo. I’m looking forward to the release of the Chronicle.

I love that there are so many new companies coming with amazing throws.

So glad to see the return of Kingspin!!! Are you guys still using Foxland Precision?


You bet. Alvin is a great machinist, and I got the chance to see his shop and see a prototype machined in september.

Looks awesome.

Can’t wait. ;D

Will there be any more Gnoses? I was super sad that I didn’t have money when they came out.

Those are looking nice! Got a projected price point?

It’s not guaranteed, but there will probably be another run sometime in the future.

Probably ~$120

Hell yeah.

That looks so smooth, If it plays like it looks in totally getting one!

more to come.

nice. will there be any pre-pros available?

Maybe. The release isn’t too far off, but a few prototypes may make their way into the wild :wink:


Get PUMPED! The chronicle is headed to YYE in the very near future.

One’s heading to me first. 8)

How did you get those made? Did you send it to a manufacture or did you use a lathe?

I designed it in CAD (Computer aided design) and sent it to a machinist, who machined it on a CNC lathe. That’s just about how every metal yoyo on the market it made.