King Yo Star Rapid

If you haven’t got your Rapid yet, you want to hurry.  There are only 7 left on YYE!

Jake Elliott is a very picky yoyo player. When he didn’t like any of the strings on the market, he made his own. When he thought the counterweight could be improved, he made his own. The same is true for the Rapid. When he couldn’t find a yoyo to satisfy his standard, Jake designed the Rapid from the ground up to satisfy his high play standards

The Rapid is made of 7075 ALuminum with Stainless Steel Weight rings to give it that perfect feel Jake was looking for.  With beautiful colours, how can you resist?

If you haven’t spotted this yet, check out Jake Elliot’s promo video for the Rapid.  This yoyo can handle ANYTHING!

We are giving away a Rapid!

To enter the contest you need to be on Instagram.

  1. Follow @Kingyostar_Canada on instagram
  2. Share the picture below onto your instagram and tag the picture with #kys #rapid
  3. Tell your friends. The person who gets the most ‘likes’ on their picture will win!
  4. Contest ends Dec 10th.

Contest has now ended. You can still get your Rapid here at yoyoexpert!

Dang I was looking to buy one and they’re out :-\