King Yo Star Morpheus - Videos

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Trent Knighton
When I was searching for new players, Trent really stood out. He has a style that is all his own and pulls off some really unusual tricks. When he makes tricks, he tries to stay away from what is trendy and tries to make sure he doesn’t look like anyone else. I think this video says it all!

Our newest throw.  Here are the first couple pictures.

Looks pretty legit.

It is very much legit!

Oh wah looks lovely.

That looks pretty good, but what are the Specs?

Those rims look a little sharp, hows it feel?

Profile shot almost reminds me of an adegle PSG!

Feels fine! It’s not the same level of comfort as catching, say, an 888… but it’s comfortable enough. :slight_smile:

I don’t care what yo-yo we’re talking about, but at some point throwing a metal weight attached to a string will be “uncomfortable.”

Your level of discomfort will vary…


Yes, but it will also vary depending on the shape of the yoyo. :wink:

You catch a Noctu or Lesula just wrong on a full-speed bind (instead of letting it die a bit) and you’re gonna hear about it.

I won’t lie, you catch the yoyo on the back of your hand at the wrong angle and full speed and it’ll hurt. The edges aren’t as sharp as they may look though, they have just a little taper that cuts that while still having the look.