King of the yoyo nerds: Collection of champions

So you think your the biggest yoyo pro, expert, fanboy, nerd, or maybe just wanna see how you stack up against the big boys. This here is all about collections people. But what makes a true nerd? Not just showing off your collection, but showing it off in style.

I want pictures of valiant effort in showing off your biggest, most baddest yoyo collection, that will have us all saying."That is a man who walked away after showing off his yoyo’s saying… “Oh yeah, I know I’m cool, and this is why the ladies love me”

We all get it, that feeling when someone watches us throw during the day, wants to see our throw, or even harrasses us to walk the dog. It’s that undeniable feeling of excitement and the want to show off our skills and throws. We try to deny it, but we all know that excitement. We try to play it cool by saying we don’t have time to show our throws off, or that it’s just a toy, it’s no big deal. But the reality is, we long for this chance to show anybody our goods, it warms our sub cockles, and leaves us walking away going…“oh ya, they loved it”

Post a picture of your collection in the coolest, most nerdiest fashion you can. Wether it be lego’s, yoyo LARPING scenes, math yoyo’s, or whatever.
Get creative and be PROUD!

We want to see huge collections, hundreds of yoyo’s if you can, or even 3 if that’s all you have like me!
And under each picture you post, I want you to post what exactly you thought when your masterpiece was done. Things you would never say out loud but you say in your head, such as

“Coolest collection ever”
“I truly am the king of the yoyo’s”
“My mother was right…I am a great guy”

True gangsters make it rain yoyo’s! Let’s see what you got!

“Oh ya, just posted a yoyo collection battle thread, and tied it in with a battle scene in my pictures background…how clever…”